Recent Endorsements Of Cruciform

by Jimmy D. on April 21st, 2012

Two recent endorsements of Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life have encouraged me:
Bob Lepine (Vice President and Content Manager of Family Life, and Co-Host of Family Life Today

Bob writes: "More than half a century ago, J.I. Packer observed that the church in his day had fumbled the gospel. 'Without realizing it,' he wrote, 'we have during the past century bartered that gospel for a substitute product which, though it looks similar enough in points of detail, is as a whole a decidedly different thing.'

Packer went on to say that this substitute gospel (which is really no gospel at all) 'fails to make men God-centered in their thoughts and God-fearing in their hearts because this is not primarily what it is trying to do...The chief aim of the old was to teach people to worship God, the concern of the new seems limited to making them feel better. The subject of the old gospel was God and his ways with men; the subject of the new is man and the help God gives him. There is a world of difference.'

Jimmy Davis is a fresh, clear voice calling each one of us to recapture a God-centered gospel in our day, and to consider how the central message of our faith ought to reshape our lives. He helps us understand that we are to live as both sons and servants of God, using our gifts, our resources and our lives to spread the gospel and to care for the needs of others.

His focus is not on 'what would Jesus do.' It's on 'what has Jesus done.' And there's a world of difference."

And then a great compliment from a Contemporary Christian Music legend . . .

Randy Thomas (co-founder of Sweet Comfort Band and the ALLIES, also known for co-writing "Butterfly Kisses" with Bob Carlisle, currently serves as the Worship Director at Westminster PCA)

Randy writes:  "Jimmy Davis has a wonderful gift for stating very profound truths in a simple fashion. I found this book so enriching that I enlisted the men of our church to go through Cruciform together."

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