We're Made For "3 Distinct Relationships"

Posted on April 18th, 2011

“In short, to the extent that we misunderstand the story of creation we will also be confused about the gospel . . .

God has given us our godlike capacities for language and reflection so that we might enter in three distinct relationships. It is these three relationships that are damaged by sin and restored in salvation . . . God created us in his image so that we might enjoy personal fellowship with him . . . so that we might enjoy personal fellowship with others . . . so that we might enjoy a right relationship with the rest of creation . . . God intends people to use their godlike capacities in three ethical functions, or relationships. Thus to be human is to be in proper relation with God, other people, and the world.

Sin has marred and well-nigh destroyed these relationships, but in Christ, the perfect human, they are restored . . . Through his work on the cross Christ removes our sin and guilt and so repairs our relationship with our heavenly Father . . . with each other . . . and our relationship to his world . . . each of these relationships is restored as we increasingly grow into the image of Christ.”

Michael E. Wittmer, Heaven Is A Place On Earth, page 53.

“[T]he three fundamental relations of all human life [are]: (1) our relation to God, (2) our relation to man, and (3) our relation to the world . . . For our relation to God: an immediate fellowship of man with the Eternal, independently of priest or church. For the relation of man to man: the recognition in each person of human worth, which is his by virtue of his creation after the Divine likeness, and therefore of the equality of all men before God and his magistrate. And for our relation to the world: the recognition that in the whole world the curse is restrained by grace, that the life of the world is to be honored in its independence, and that we must, in every domain, discover the treasures and develop the potencies hidden by God in nature and in human life.”

Abraham Kuyper, Lectures on Calvinism, pages 19 and 31.

For my take on these 3 relationships and a simple diagram that illustrates them (made by my friend Denton), read Chapter One of Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life.

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